Wednesday, October 29, 2008

between belt loops

i think i'm gaining weight. for those that know me, this may not seem like something worth blogging about, but i assure you, any decipherable physical change is jarring enough to elicit a post.

the belt is a silent, unbiased judge. i have had my belt, a black, vinyl affair, with silver rivets, for several years. i love my belt. for years, i cinched my pants at the third rivet. today, i cinched them at the second. i don't recall exactly what i was thinking when i did this, but i do remember thinking, "Oh. That's a bit tight. Interesting." then i went about my day.

my day wasn't anything spectacular, save for the fact that i kept hiking up my jeans. at one point, i attempted to tighten my belt, but found it uncooperative. wait a second! uncooperative? it's a BELT, fer cryin' out loud! it should do my bidding! i bid it to cinch at the third rivet! no?

i debated throwing out the renegade accessory, but realized i had better throw out my junk food instead.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

water therapy

it seems strange that a shower can be invigorating when you're healthy, but debilitating when you're sick. by the way, i'm sick, and i just took a shower, so naturally, i'm going straight to bed. good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

convolution of the text

i've been doing homework all day. it's tiring. there is a lot of reading and even more writing. i doubt i can write a post without thinking of how i would write it for any of my classes. hmm.

advanced composition:
i don't want to do any more homework. (active statement)

my homework does not want to be done. (passive statement)

homework = not done = failing grade

literary theory and criticism:
the homework, which must be done, is merely a constructed reality in which the active subject remains in a state of flux, due to their inability to reside happily within that structure. the homework, therefore becomes the active function, forcing that energy onto the (now) passive subject, reversing roles and breaking down the structure. (saussure, derrida, lacan, althusser)

she does not want to do her homework because she wants a penis. her lack of a penis directly relates to her inability to function. her ego is weak, and the Oedipal Complex only applies to her after she has realized that her lack of having is what makes her female. (freud)

the student, 27, was unable to do her homework, sunday evening. the outcome of this event remains to be determined.

yep. i have ceased to function outside of the classroom. gah. back to work...