Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i'm tired. and tired. and TIRED.

school, work, writing. it's getting me down. no, not down. but there's definitely a correlation between "how busy one is" and "level of pleasantness."

my level of pleasantness is in the gutter. am i trading in a happy demeanor for accomplishment? crap.

i wish i had the time to apologize to everyone i've been neglecting, but it just doesn't fit into my schedule. all i can hope for, is that my friends understand what i'm trying to do and that i'm not really an inconsiderate asshole.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm too old for this

i'm running my ass off. i'm freakin' tired. i want something to happen NOW.

and i want it to be good.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my life in order. I have too many things going on. I know that, for sure. Between juggling school (and figuring out how to pay for school), the promise of several not-so-promising jobs, and social obligations, I'm on the verge of meltdown. I have decided that I can't keep up with this blog. At least, I can't maintain it the way I want.

Prioritizing has always been difficult for me. I recognize myself as a Type A personality. This means that I get addicted to things easily, but face the downfall of possessing a short attention span as well. I want to do it all, damnit, and I want to do it NOW.

But, I can't do it all. Hence, prioritizing. This blog has unfortunately fallen to one of the things I can't put 100% into anymore. This makes me sad, but then I think of all the other things that have captured my unfortunately short attention span, and I feel a little better.

Technical Life Difficulties. I need a time machine and a hot cuppa coffee. We'll just have to wait to see how things pan out.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Attack of The Panic

ogeez. what have i done? i picked up three assignments with Newcity and still have two articles to finish for Conscious Choice and i got ANOTHER waitressing gig to supplement my income, which, i assure you, is quite meager, AND i start school again in less than two weeks. i'm panicking. yes, indeedy. full on panicking.

i need to keep my head above water, no, i need to be able to walk on water. yes. then turn that water into wine and drink it down, because god knows i need a freakin' drink right now. oh dear.

i will get this done. i will stay awake until it is done. i suspect that i may not sleep for a few weeks.

Monday, May 5, 2008


i'm tired of having this fight with my parents. today was supposed to be a good day. supposed to be. thursday was my mom's birthday, so my big brother and sister-in-law hosted a brunch at their home, followed by a matinee performance of "A Passage To India." sounds good, right?

here's how it SHOULD have gone:

It was a languid Sunday in Chicago. The air smelled faintly of lilacs struggling to bloom and the sunshine darted through the trees. The silver sedan pulled up to the pale yellow courtyard building where a young woman was waiting in the archway. She had a smile on her face as her parents gleefully waved to her from the car. The family exchanged hugs, kisses and all manner of pleasantries, then drove off down the road. They had no need for directions. When they reached their destination, they marveled at the graceful canopy of large trees and quaint homes.
"This is a lovely neighborhood. It looks so safe," the mother said.

(this is not how it happened. the events are true, but this is not how it happened)

The family gathered in the dining room where their eldest son told stories of his recent accomplishments and his wife served a most delicious and decadent brunch to honor the mother for her recent birthday. Jokes were told, bellies were filled and gratitude was exchanged.

(this part is true. brunch was really really good. Dana knows what she's doing).

Everyone had nice things to say to everyone.

(not true).

After tea and coffee was served and the son had gone off to the theatre to ready himself for the afternoon performance, the parents and daughter departed for the theatre, thanking the wife profusely. The parents reassured their daughter that they loved her just as much as they loved their daughter-in-law, despite her being unmarried and in no position to host such a lovely brunch. They hugged her and told her they were proud of her, no matter what she did. They sat together in the theatre and spoke in hushed and excited tones. After the show, the family left together, content and smiling. No one fought, everyone laughed, and the sun was shining. The End.

the events are true. this is exactly WHAT happened, but not HOW it happened.

Friday, May 2, 2008

looptopia and other things that don't work

it was not so good, last year. it was cold and there were too many lines. this year it's raining. but it's relatively warm. such is life.

i am soaked to the bone. these storms have got to stop. they're infringing on my plans. i did get to see some fire dancers, but only because i thought the scene would be warm. ha.

looptopia is such a great idea, but the past few years have been a bit of a disappointment.


hm. i was at looptopia from about 6p to 9p. i got rained on. a lot. i didn't mind that much, but i decided that the events i wanted to see weren't going to happen, so i went home. i did. i went home. i showered myself back to warmth, changed, then got a surprise visit from a friend.

we hung out at my place for a short while, then one of us said, "Wanna go back to Looptopia?"

so, we went. it must have been midnight or so, but hey, the event was supposed to go on ALL NIGHT. yeah, right. it would only go on all night for those who had purchased wristbands, which they ran out of by 10p. boo. i understand the need for crowd control, but to run out of 'admits' by 10p? that was just poor planning.

maybe next year will be better, but i'm skeptical.